Leasing Available

Leasing Options are now available at Bilt-Rite Disposal Equipment Ltd.

Some of the other MAJOR BENEFITS you get to enjoy:

At Bilt-Rite, we are always able to offer you “In-House Lease Rates”, based on 3 to 5 years. Please call for details and rates.

In summary;

  • We manufacture “High Quality Equipment” for over a quarter of a century.
  • Our specialists inspect and prepare appraisals BEFORE we begin any operation, which means “No Surprises”.
  • With Bilt-Rite, you deal with the manufacturer, Not a MIDDLEMAN, or INTERMEDIARY!
  • At Bilt-Rite, we have our in-house design/engineering staff and facilities to ensure our customers that their “Custom Designed” equipment is manufactured, installed, and maintained properly.
  • Our “Quality Control Department” guarantees you the highest level of satisfaction, which enables us to furnish you with one of the best warranties available in the industry today.
  • After the equipment is installed, you will receive an operations manual and a signed warranty. Also, one of our representatives will be on site to demonstrate how to properly operate the equipment.
  • Most competitive “In-House Maintenance Program” pricing available – No one can offer lower!
  • At Bilt-Rite, we are proud of what we manufacture and feel that when you purchase our equipment, this is only the beginning of our commitment to you, after all, “We Service What we Manufacture!”
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